Olivia by Shirley


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Boxed sexy lingerie in 25 SEXY erotic styles interpreted by the renowned artist Olivia

Sexy Dress Up costumes by the artist Olivia

Beautiful artwork Tees by the Artist Olivia

The intimate industry innovator for 63 years, Shirley brings the erotic art of renowned artist OLIVIA to life with provocative sexy lingerie that leaps from the pinup poster to the bedroom. Shirley's dramatic new OLIVIA boxed lingerie collection is sexy and sophisticated, and features 45 works of wearable art, as glamorous as it is amorous, with a sensuality that's always in style. Shirley has this exclusive artists creations that can not be found anywhere else.

You will not find more sexy erotic boxed lingerie and more beautiful women then in the imagination of the artist Olivia. SEXY SEXY SEXY!

ABOUT OLIVIA: Olivia De Berardinis has created an unrivaled collection of sexy erotic pinup art that has been translated to books, calendars and posters. Olivia's partnership with Shirley Of Hollywood is the first of its kind, recreating provocative art as luxurious lingerie for discerning women everywhere.

Beautiful sexy erotic Olivia Tees for women and men in over 17 erotic designs. Luxurious combed cotton feels like silk an so very comfortable.

Sexy erotic Olivia boxed lingerie will get your customers excited about sexy lingerie and keep them coming back for more. Each original Olivia artwork by this famous artist is meticulously reproduced in the finest quality sexy lingerie on the market.